Kanjhawala Case: Delhi Police interrogated Anjali's friend, new findings surfaced. Delhi Kanjhawala Case

Publish Date: 07 Jan, 2023 |

In the Kanjhawala Accident Case in Delhi, the Delhi Police are questioning Anjali's friend Nidhi and Naveen. Naveen revealed that he met her during his aunt’s marriage.  He claimed to not be familiar with Anjali's friend after he saw the case on TV. Any connection he may have had with Anjali two to three years ago, he claimed, is over. He mentioned that I had been married for 1.5 years. Naveen stated that I asked for my name not to be taken. I have no friends.

Delhi police investigates Anjali’s friend

In the Kanjhawala case, two new CCTV clips have surfaced. One of the videos only includes footage from December 31. In this video, a boy can be seen alongside Anjali and her friend Nidhi. The boy is claimed to be Naveen. The Delhi Police is currently interrogating Naveen. Three people riding scooty entered the scene in this CCTV video which included Nidhi, a friend of Anjali, and a boy riding a scooter as passengers.

In the CCTV footage Nidhi is sitting in the back of the scooty, with Anjali in the middle. The scooty stopped in front of a street. Nidhi then can be seen handing something to Anjali and entering the building. However, Anjali remains still and continues her conversation with the boy, Naveen. Anjali then continues to sprint down the street. Following which the boy rides off in the scooty.


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