Kartik Purnima Ganga Snan 2022: On the occasion of Kartik Purnima, a large number of people gathered for the Ganges bath.

Publish Date: 08 Nov, 2022 |

Today is the last day of Kartik month and today is Kartik Purnima. On the day of Kartik Purnima, bath donation, and Lakshmi-Narayan worship is done. Dev Diwali is also celebrated by donating lamps on Kartik Purnima, which is considered very auspicious. There is also a lunar eclipse on Kartik Purnima today. If some special measures are taken on this day, then the financial condition of the house remains good.

People reach Ganges 

People from faraway districts have reached the ghats of the Ganges to take a holy bath in the Ganges river. This view is of Haridwar, generally, a large number of devotees also reach Haridwar, but today on the occasion of Kartik Purnima, this number has increased manifold. A similar picture was also seen in Garhmukteshwar in Uttar Pradesh, where devotees are bathing in the Ganges since early morning. This number has increased rapidly after sunrise. Similar crowds are being seen in Prayagraj on the banks of Sangam and Varanasi.

Security Arrangements on peak

On Monday evening, District Magistrate Manish Bansal and Superintendent of Police Chakresh Mishra reached Gangaghat and they took stock of the security arrangements after reaching the ghat. District Magistrate and SP Chakesh Mishra, sitting in a motor boat, saw the barricading made for the devotees on the banks of the Ganges. 

Watch towers have been built to keep an eye on suspicious people at the Ganga Ghat site. Instructions have been issued to the policemen posted on them to keep an eye on suspicious people at the Ganga Ghat site. Routes have also been diverted to 7 places in the district.


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