Khalistan supporters insulted the tricolor in Britain, Ministry of External Affairs tightened the rules

Tarun KohliPublish Date: 20 Mar, 2023

Although Amritpal Singh is being sought by Punjabi police, disturbing news is emerging from London. Several Khalistani supporters degraded the tricolour at the Indian High Commission during a demonstration in London.

Khalistan remove Indian flag

On Sunday, some supporters of Khalistan replaced the tricolour with the Khalistani flag at the Indian High Commission to protest the police action against Amritpal Singh. These individuals may be heard shouting "Khalistan Zindabad" and other anti-Indian government chants in social media videos. Also, these people shouted their voices in favour of Amritpal Singh while waving a banner of Khalistan.

MEA issues statement

"The incompetence of British security and how these radicals were permitted to penetrate the High Commission premises?" the MEA stated in a statement. The British High Commission has been asked for clarification on this, and they have been reminded of the UK Government's fundamental obligations under the Vienna Convention. In a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that Delhi found the UK government's lack of concern for the safety of Indian diplomatic staff and facilities in the UK to be intolerable.

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