Know how to do Arthritis Pain Management at home

Publish Date: 24 Sep, 2021
Google Know how to do Arthritis Pain Management at home

Arthritis Pain Management:

Arthritis pain is usually termed as one of the most severe pain that can occur in our body. Going by the definition, Arthritis means inflammation of one or more joints, causing pain and stiffness that can worsen with increasing age.

There are different types of arthritis that have different causes including wear and tear, infections, and underlying diseases.

So, in this article further, mentioned are different ways to manage Arthritis pain at home.

  • Maintain a Diary: 

A person should always note down any type of change in the character of their disease i.e., swelling in any joint, or a change in pain, so as to be aware of any warning sign.

  • Read about the disease:

Patients should always read about their disease from the internet or by consulting a doctor, to understand their disease better.

The basic ways for Arthritis pain management at home are:

  • Move your joints:

One should always keep on moving their joints avoiding the misconception that rest helps in curing Arthritis. So, patients shall always keep on moving their joints, however, one should only use their joints to their limits. As forcing movements in joints may lead to serious issues.

  • Maintain a good posture:

Moving your joints in the correct posture can increase their life for much longer. So, always ensure a correct posture.

  • Avoid stressing your joints:

One should only use their joints to their limits while not stressing them. Forcing movements in joints may lead to serious issues, so after fatigue during the exercise, take a quick break and then continue again rather than continuing with the pain.

  • Weight Loss:

Weight loss will surely help you in maintaining your arthritis pain, while obesity is the most common cause of weight gain. 

  • Quit Smoking:

Smoking has been proven as one of the reasons behind the development of arthritis and progression of arthritis. Hence, if you are dealing with arthritis pain, you should focus on quitting smoking well.

Some exercises for Arthritis pain management:

Every arthritis patient shall always go for low-impact exercises, such as yoga, brisk walk (for only a limit), and other stretching exercises. While high-impact exercises such as jumping, running, playing football, basketball, and taekwondo are totally not advisable.

Therapy for Arthritis pain management:

  •  Patients shall join a relaxation therapy session such as laughter therapy or meditation session, so as to keep their mind away from stress, and at peace.

  • Hot and cold therapy is helpful for temporary Arthritis pain relief, as such therapies relax your muscles.

  • Knee arthritis pain can also be relieved by using a knee brace or supporters while walking. 

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