Parenting Advice by Psychologist: Are TV cartoons playing with your child's mind? Know how they are affecting your children

Ayushee JoshiPublish Date: 27 Apr, 2023

Children now spend most of their spare time in front of the TV watching cartoons. Cartoon watching is not only terrible, but the drawbacks outweigh the benefits. Children who spend more time doing this frequently experience changes in their behavioral patterns. Their academic performance suffers as a result. Their creativity begins to be wasted on bad deeds. It is challenging for parents because there aren’t many family members or friends that want to spend time with them in this nuclear family period.

How Cartoons Affect A Child's Behaviour

Numerous cartoons portray children misbehaving by arguing with their parents, peers, and classmates. Children who watch these cartoons argue more. They don't pay attention to their parents, instructors, or elders.

Some animated characters make learning boring. Unfortunately, children mimic these cartoons in real life. Children occasionally have fantasy wishes, such as a device that performs their homework. When kids copy cartoon characters’ bad behaviors, such as napping constantly or getting into mischief all the time, it can be annoying. 

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