Know the highlights from PM Modi's Address on the completion of 1 year of the New Education Policy

Publish Date: 30 Jul, 2021 |

PM's Address on NEP Updates:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressing the nation through online video conferencing, on the completion of the one year of the new National Education Policy (NEP). It must be noted that the new National Education Policy was approved as a replacement to the National Policy of Education, 1986, by the Union Cabinet last year in a meeting which was chaired by PM Modi.

While the newly framed National Education Policy emphasizes leading a way for the transformational reforms in school and higher education systems so as to make India a powerhouse of global knowledge.

Here are the Highlights from PM Modi’s speech on the completion of 1 year of the New Education Policy:

  • Based on modern technology, the Academic Bank of credit system will bring a revolutionary change for students in this direction. From now, every student or youth will be able to select, skip a stream anytime according to their interest and convenience.

  • A tool to translate Engineering courses in 11 regional languages has also been developed to help the poor, needy, Dalits, and students from other backward classes. While the Engineering courses will be taught in 5 languages.

  • More than 3 lakh students in India need sign language, and for this, sign language will be treated as a distinguished subject in India for the first time.

  • Under the NEP, students from across the globe will be able to study in India, and also the best institutions will be invited to open their doors in India too.

  • How much and for how long students want to study will not be decided by the institutions now, students will also be able to participate in the decision now.

  • India’s youth is revolutionizing in the Indian start-up ecosystem, and they’re also prepping for India’s leadership for the 4.0 thereby taking Digital Indian to new heights.

  • The DIKSHA portal has not 2,300 crore hits now and has become very successful as it gets around 5 crore hits each day.

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