Know unheard stories of Prime Minister's Modi Childhood | PM Modi Birthday- Watch Video

Publish Date: 17 Sep, 2022 |

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has emerged as a strong global leader since the year 2014. On many big occasions, he has shown the country and the world how firm he is with his decision-making ability. He has also been taking his criticism positively. He said in his speeches that criticism inspires him to do better.

The life of the Prime Minister has been like an open book, but for many people, many stories of PM Modi's life are untold, many tales are unheard. Let us know about some such stories today.

1. Prime Minister Narendra Modi wanted to become a sanyasi since childhood. Narendra, born in Vadnagar, Gujarat, loved sage life and sannyas very much since childhood. Once he even left the house and went away. Narendra Modi's childhood has been spent in poverty in a family of 6 siblings. His father had a tea shop at Badnagar railway station and he used to sell tea after coming from school. He was on the threshold of puberty and at the age of 17, he left home and went on his spiritual journey.

2. Narendra's schooling took place in Badnkar itself. He was an expert in the art of speech since childhood. There is a lot of influence in his speeches today. He attracts every class with his speeches. It is evident from his speeches that he is a scholar of every subject. However, behind this is their hard work and preparation. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has good knowledge on many subjects.

3. Narendra Modi has been virtuous since childhood. He is an expert in various extra-curricular activities. He has been very fond of science and history subjects. Apart from being good in studies, he was also known for shero-shayari. Its effect is still visible in his speeches today. His voice and acting skills are also discussed in his school. Not only this, Narendra Modi has also been a good swimmer since childhood.

4. This story of Narendra Modi's childhood is also fantastic. He had gone to Sharmishtha Sarovar with his childhood friend and had only caught a crocodile child from there. Then his mother Hira Ba had explained to him how bad it is to separate the child from the mother. On understanding the mother's words, they had left the crocodile's child back in the lake.


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