Koffee with Kiran: Ft. The 'Stupid' Ex-Boyfriend

Publish Date: 14 Sep, 2022 |

In place of inviting celebrities to her mock chat show, Koffee With Kiran, Kiran welcomes regular folks from her life. Her ex-boyfriend Rahul, who is a little sluggish to adapt, is featured in this episode. Keep an eye on the "Rapid Fire" round because it has some unexpected surprises.

Interview with ex boyfriend

Rahul was invited to the first episode by Kiran's decision. He was by no means pompous in his introductory words. Every woman who has encountered her ex-boyfriend inadvertently can relate to such an encounter. In this episode, the two of them reflected on the numerous issues in their relationship that ultimately caused their breakup.

Kiran VS Rahul Ex Bingo

The focus of this round was admitting to your ex-partners about whoever you are dating, what you have done, what you haven't done, and other things.

Rapid Fire on Koffee with Kiran

In this round, Kiran interrogated Rahul about his relationships and whether or not he missed his ex.

Hey Kiran It’s me round

This section was Kiran's final attempt to figure out who her ex-boyfriend was having feelings for. Rahul, on the other hand, contacted Sush, her best friend, and in another round gave a call to another best friend. However when all the attempts by Kiran failed she decided to give a gift  hamper to Rahul with all the old letters and gifts.


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