Kuno Cheetahs: Special protection in Kuno National Park for cheetahs from Namibia to India. Mission Cheetah

Publish Date: 22 Sep, 2022 |

Cheetahs from Namibia have been kept in a special enclosure in the Kuno National Park. It is being said that they have started liking the Kuno National Park. Their behaviour has changed in the last four days, these are good signs. Officials claim that cheetahs are mingling in the environment here, they like to live here. At the same time, special arrangements have also been made for the protection of cheetahs in the enclosure.

Special provisions for their protection

For the protection of these cheetahs, two elephants of Satpura Tiger Reserve have been deployed in Kuno National Park. Whose names are Siddhanath and Lakshmi. They have been given special training for any animal control, patrol and rescue operations. Both elephants also patrol the forest.

8 cheetahs who reached Kuno after travelling from one continent to another have written a new chapter in history. One of these 8 cheetahs has been named 'Asha' by PM Modi. Which means that the country has high hopes from these cheetahs. Once again, the population of cheetahs will increase in the forests of India and a new generation of cheetahs will replace the cheetahs of India which were extinct 70 years ago.

DFO of Kuno explains elephant’s experience

DFO of Kuno National Park, Prakash Kumar Verma said that 30-year-old Siddhanth, who was on duty in Kuno Park, is recognized for the rescue operation of tigers in the entire state. Hathi Siddhanath is also of a very angry nature. He killed two mahouts in the year 2010. Siddhanth played an important role in controlling a man-eating tiger in January 2021. At the same time, 25-year-old elephant Lakshmi is of a very calm nature, but is expert in her work. Lakshmi has mastered the work of jungle safari, rescue operation or patrolling of the forest.


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