Lady Don Anuradha Anand Pal Love Story: A journey from share market love to crime. Gangster Raju- Watch Video

Publish Date: 05 Dec, 2022 |

Among the gang war going on in Rajasthan, there is such a name which comes in the discussion again and again. This name is Lady Don Anuradha Chowdhary. Even after the murder of gangster Raju Thehat in Sikar, this name is again in discussion. Lady Don has once been the girlfriend of Anandpal, who is considered to be the biggest gangster of Rajasthan. After Anandpal was killed in an encounter, she is now in a live-in relationship with Kala Jethi, a gangster from the Lawrence gang. In the world of crime, she is also known as Revolver Rani. Ten cases of kidnapping and extortion are registered against Anuradha.

Anuradha, a resident of Alfasar village near Fatehpur in Sikar, Shekhawati region of Rajasthan, had a childhood dream of becoming big in any way. But the elder did not mean to make him an officer. I only wanted to earn money and make my name big. Anuradha was fast in studies. After studying in the village, he graduated from Chamadia College of Fatehpur. Then took a degree in BCA i.e. Computer Science from Modi College.


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