Lakhimpur Kheri Case: Arvind Kejriwal slams government; accuses it of protecting the murderer

Publish Date: 06 Oct, 2021 |

The heat of Lakhimpur Kheri case doesn’t seem like getting off very soon. After Priyanka Gandhi’s arrest and Rahul Gandhi’s outburst for not being allowed to visit Lakhimpur Kheri, now Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejariwal has jumped into the matter and has levelled allegations against the state government

Arvind Kejriwal on Lakhimpur Kheri

Arvind Kejriwal has accused the state government of trying to protect the murderers. He condemned the incident and criticised the Yogi government and Modi government in a press conference organised by him today. “Why have the accused who ran over the farmers have not been arrested? Why are they being shielded from punishment? The entire nation watched on television how the violence unfolded, how the farmers were run over. It appears as if the entire system is engaged in saving those who are behind the incident despite murdering people in broad daylight and in front of so many people. We have seen such things only in Hindi movies,” said Kejriwal. 

Rahul Gandhi on Lakhimpur Kheri

Other than this, Rahul Gandhi also addressed a press conference before heading towards Uttar Pradesh. He slammed the centre and state government for attacking the farmers and not taking any action against the Union Home Minister of State and his son, who are the prime suspects. 

It is clear that the opposition isn’t going to let the matter settle down very easily. This can also create trouble for the Yogi government as the state assembly elections are advancing.

Lakhimpur Kheri Case

On October 3, a violent crash broke out in Lakhimpur Kheri, in which 8 people were found dead while several injured. The farmers were protesting when an SUV car drove into them, which took lives of 3 farmers. After that the farmers too, turned violent and in a clash, 3 BJP workers, a driver and a media person lost their lives. The farmers have alleged that the SUV belonged to Union Home Minister for state, Ajay Kumar Mishra’s son and are demanding his arrest and the Union Minister’s suspension



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