Lambda Covid variant: All you need to know about new strain, Symptoms, Prevention & effectiveness against vaccines

Publish Date: 17 Jul, 2021 |

Lambda Covid variant: 

After the Delta and Delta Plus variants of the Covid-19 virus, the new variant named ‘Lambda’ is much likely to cause a threat to humankind. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has announced the “Lambda” variant to be a variant of concern. 

The organization mentioned that “Lambda has been associated with substantive rates of community transmission in multiple countries with rising prevalence over time concurrent with increased Covid-19 incidence.”

Lambda variant present in 30 countries:

The UK Health Ministry stated that this new variant of the Covid-19 virus named Lambda variant is very dangerous than the Delta variant, and has been detected in more than 30 countries in the past four weeks including Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Ecuador.

What you need to know about the Lambda virus:

 The new Lambda variant (C.37) of the Covid-19 virus has been added to the group of ‘variant of concern’ by the WHO recently. The lambda variant originated in Peru in August 2020 and lies within the B.1.1.1 lineage.

How is the Lambda variant different from other variants?

Officially, 11 SARS-CoV-2 variants have been listed as of now by the WHO. And all these SARS-CoV-2 variants can be distinguished from one another on the basis of the mutations in their spike proteins, the components of the virus that allow it to invade human cells. 

While the WHO bulletin quoted that “Lambda carries a number of mutations with suspected phenotypic implications, such as a potential increased transmissibility or possible increased resistance to neutralizing antibodies.”

Effectiveness of vaccines against the Lambda variant:

The WHO mentioned in a statement, “There is currently limited evidence on the full extent of the impact associated with these genomic changes, and further robust studies into the phenotype impacts are needed to better understand the impact on countermeasures, and to control the spread. Further studies are also required to validate the continued effectiveness of vaccines.”





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