Landslide in Colombia buried many vehicles under debris, at least 33 people died| Landslide in Colombia

Publish Date: 06 Dec, 2022 |

A bus and other vehicles were buried in a landslide caused by rain in the Risaralda province of Colombia, in which at least 33 people died. Colombia's President Gustavo Petro expressed grief over the incident on Monday and said that the government stands with the victims' families in this difficult time. Colombia's Home Minister Alfonso Prada said that we are all deeply saddened by this incident. Till now we have received 33 bodies including 3 minors. Apart from this, 9 people have been saved alive, out of which four conditions are critical.

Eyewitness gives statement

The debris came down so fast that no one could escape. He said - first a car met with an accident. Due to this the road was closed. The vehicles coming behind stopped. After the accident, a jeep, bus and motorbike were stopped here when a sudden landslide happened. The debris came down so fast that no one could escape. There were 2 drivers in the bus. Many passengers were also aboard.

Bus with 25 passengers buried

Several vehicles, including a bus, were buried in a landslide while traveling between the villages of Pueblo Rico and Santa Cecilia in a mountainous area famous for coffee production, 230 km from Colombia's capital Bogota. According to media reports, there were about 25 passengers in the bus buried in the debris. At the same time, a person who survived the accident told that when the debris was coming down, the driver tried to save the bus. At the same time, another person told that even after the accident, the driver tried to take the bus back.


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