Laxmi Bhai: What is LTP in Stock Market? How is it calculated?- Watch Video

Publish Date: 12 Jan, 2023 |

LTP stands for "last traded price," which is the price at which the buyer or seller has completed their most recent trade, as the name would imply. In layman's terms, the LTP in the stock market is the cost of the most recent trade. The last traded price, which is a part of trading, aids buyers and sellers in locating current stock prices and aids in forecasting price movement. This encapsulates the significance of LTP.

How LTP is calculated?

Real-time calculations are used to determine the last traded price, which is frequently shown on the trading screen next to the matching security that is being traded. Every time a trade is executed, LTP changes, making it only applicable for that specific trading session or day. The market's liquidity, which indicates that the security is traded frequently, determines the occurrence of the latest traded price (traded few times per second).


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