Learn the correct method of worshipping Shivling and do not make this mistake how to do shivling pujan at home- Watch Video

Publish Date: 05 Dec, 2022 |

Mahadev, the God of Gods, Lord Shiva has been considered one of the Panchdevs in Sanatan Dharma. Like his name, Bhole Baba is very innocent and his method of worship is also very simple. Bhole Baba gets pleased only with a lota of pure water and belpatra offered by his devotee with a true heart.

But Shivji also has a ferocious and fierce form, which comes to the fore when he is angry. That's why some rules should be followed while worshiping Shivling, the symbol of Mahadev. If a Shivling is installed at your home, do not commit any mistake in worship. Worshiping Shivling according to the rules and regulations is fruitful.

Keep these things in mind if Shivling is installed at your home

  • If there is a Shivling in your place of worship, then keep in mind that worship should be done regularly and with all the rules and regulations. If for some reason you are not able to worship Shivling, then do not install Shivling at home. Because Bholenath gets angry when Shivling is not worshipped.
  • Ketaki flowers should not be offered in the worship of Lord Shiva. Along with this, Tulsi Dal or Tulsi leaves should never be offered on Shivling. Offering turmeric and kumkum on Shivling is also prohibited.
  • There are huge Shivlings in temples and pagodas. But a very big size Shivling should not be installed at home. The size of Shivling should not be bigger than your thumb for regular worship at home. Because Shivling is sensitive. That's why it is auspicious to keep a small size Shivling in the worship room.

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