Leena Manimekalai's films, which came under discussion with Kali Maa Poster Controversy, have been controversial in the past.

Publish Date: 05 Jul, 2022 |

Tamil film producer and film maker Leena Manimekalai has released the poster of a new documentary, Kali. After the escalation of this dispute, Delhi and Lucknow Police have registered an FIR against Leena.

What is the dispute?

Its poster shows Maa Kali smoking a cigarette and holding a flag of the LGBTQ community in her hand. Due to this, demand is being made on social media to arrest Leena Manimekalai. Although now a case has been registered against Leena. After the poster surfaced, there is a demand to take action against filmmaker Leena Manimekalai. Cases have also been registered against him in Lucknow and Delhi. Leena is accused of hurting religious sentiments.

Not only this, apart from this, the flag of the LGBT community has also been shown in his hand. In this case, the IFSC unit of Delhi Police has registered an FIR under sections 153A and 295A. Actually, the Delhi Police had received two complaints on the poster controversy regarding Kali Maa. One complaint was received from the New Delhi district and the other complaint was received by the IFSC unit dealing with cybercrime.

Leena’s reaction on the case

Leena released its poster on social media on July 2. #ArrestLeenaManimekalai is trending after the poster surfaced. After the controversy escalated, the Indian High Commission in Canada has also lodged an objection. The Indian High Commission has demanded a ban on this film. On this whole controversy, Leena has clarified that she has not shown anything wrong. He also said that those who are opposing it should watch this film.

Leena Manimekalai is constantly being trolled on social media regarding the poster of the film. In this entire matter, a trend was run on Twitter regarding his arrest. Now legal cases are being registered against them. Cases have been registered against Leena in Hazratganj and Gonda in UP


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