Liquor shops in Delhi to close down for 45 days starting tomorrow; Government shops to remain open

Publish Date: 30 Sep, 2021 |

Private liquor shops, all across Delhi, will be closed down from October 1 as the new excise policy has been implemented by the Delhi Government, under which all the private liquor shops will be shut down from tomorrow for 45 days. However, government shops will continue to function. Right now, there are more than 720 liquor shops, out of which 260 are privately-owned and rest of 420 are owned by the government. 

Deputy chief minister, Manish Sisodia, informed that the process of dividing Delhi into 32 blocks and the license distribution has been completed and shops will now be opened on November 17 as per the new excise policy. So, from October 1 to November 16, only government owned liquor shops will be open.

Changes after new policy

As per the new policy, liquor shops will not be crowded anymore, neither will they look like prisons. To set up liquor shops, minimum 500 of area will be required. Also, the counter will not face the road anymore, it will be present inside  the shop and the buyer can visit inside the shop to buy liquor, which will be under CCTV surveillance. 

Timing of  shops

Liquor shops in Airport area will remain open for 24hours. Shops at other places will remain open from 10am in morning to 10pm in evening. Super premium liquor shops will also be opened. 

Benefits of the policy to the government

Delhi government has claimed that the new excise policy will help them gain additional revenue of Rs. 3200 crore per year. Presently, the license distribution process as helped the state earn revenue amounting to Rs. 79 crore.   Other than this, the government will be able to earn revenue from approval of new brands and other excise duties.

Shortage and black marketing of liquor

Due to the closing down of shops from tomorrow, shortage of liquor and its black marketing can be witnessed today itself. According to Delhi liquor tredders, many liquor shops have shut down now itself, after their stock was sold fully, due to which shortage is obvious. Government owned shops aren’t capable of fulfilling the demand. Black marketing of liquor and long queues outside shops were witnessed when the shops were opened after the lockdown.

It can be easily estimated what will be the condition when 40% of liquor shops will be shut down. However, the state government has termed the 45 days closing period as transition period and has assured that the sale at government shops will not let the problems arise. 



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