LPG Cylinder Price Reduce: Commercial gas cylinder prices reduced, know the new rate in your city- Watch Video

Publish Date: 01 Aug, 2022 |

LPG Cylinder Price Reduce: On Monday, the cost of a commercial LPG cylinder was decreased by 36 in accordance with a decline in international pricing, despite opposition protests in Parliament. Hotels, restaurants, and other commercial facilities that use gas cylinders will gain from the price change. The cost of home LPG cylinders used in houses has not changed, nevertheless.

LPG Cylinder Rates in these Cities

According to state-owned fuel wholesalers, a 19-kg commercial LPG cylinder in Delhi has now decreased in price from 2012.50 to 1,976, according to news agency AN

Instead of costing $172.50 in Mumbai, it would now cost $1936.50. A 19-kg cylinder will cost 2095.50 rupees in Kolkata as opposed to 2132. It will cost 2,141 rupees in Chennai and 2063.50 in Bengaluru for a 19-kg LPG cylinder. The cost in Hyderabad will be 2197.50. Depending on the local VAT, rates vary from state to state.

In the past four months, India has reduced the cost of LPG gas cylinders four times. The central government reduced the cost of 19-kilogramme commercial LPG cylinders earlier in June by 135 rupees per cylinder.

On July 7, the cost of a residential 14.2 kg LPG cylinder was increased by 50. The price of the cylinder has increased from 1040.50 to 1090.50 for consumers.


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