Lumpy Virus: More than 11 lakh animal infected across the country, animal fairs/markets banned in UP- Watch Video

Publish Date: 08 Sep, 2022 |

Two cows in the Depalpur hamlet were discovered to have Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD), also known as the Lumpy virus, which has led to an alarm being issued in the Indore region of Madhya Pradesh. Their care is currently being provided by the veterinary division. This is the first case in the district when Lumpy has been found in an animal.

"Lumpy virus has been confirmed in two cows in the Depalpur area. The cow is from here and has not come from outside, both are local cows. We have issued an alert in the entire district after receiving two cases," said Dr Prashant Tiwari.

The government has prohibited the import of animals into Indore from Rajasthan and other places where lumpy cases have been discovered as a preventative measure. The Lumpy virus, however, has only been identified in cows and buffaloes.

What is the Lumpy Skin Disease? 

Cattle are vulnerable to the viral illness Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD). It is spread by ticks or other insects that feed on blood, such as some types of flies, mosquitoes, and ticks. It can result in the death of the cattle and produces fever and skin nodules.


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