Lunar Eclipse 2022: Don't Do these mistakes on this Chandra Grahan, See its impact and effects on you- Watch Video

Publish Date: 16 May, 2022 |

The first lunar eclipse of the year 2022 will be observed from different parts of the world on 15 and 16 May. However, this time this lunar eclipse will not be visible in India. As per IST, the eclipse will occur on May 16 at 7:02 am IST and will end at 12:20 pm.

Special care of child and mother during the eclipse

Since ancient times, it is believed by our religious texts and scholars that both solar and lunar eclipses are bad for pregnant women. The actions of a pregnant woman during a lunar eclipse have an effect on the unborn child. This can lead to physical deformities in the baby after birth. Therefore special care should be taken of the child and the mother during the eclipse period. Here are some solutions for this. Every pregnant woman should follow the rules mentioned during the lunar eclipse. Although there is no scientific reason behind any of the claims, but if you believe in astrology, you can follow these steps to keep yourself safe.

In Hinduism, it is believed that a lunar eclipse occurs when Rahu and Ketu attempt to capture the moon on a full moon night. Because of this, no auspicious work is done during this period. Due to this religious people follow different beliefs and customs.

Take special care of these things during lunar eclipse

1. Try not to leave the house during the eclipse. Especially, the effect of the shadow of the eclipse can harm the unborn child in the womb of a pregnant woman. 

2. Travel should also be avoided during the eclipse. Travelling at this time is not considered auspicious.

3. Cover the windows with thick curtains, newspapers or cardboard, so that the rays of the eclipse do not enter the house.

4. Pregnant women should not do any work during eclipse.

5. According to astrological beliefs, any cooked food should not be eaten before the eclipse. 

6. Do not drink or eat anything during the eclipse, but the effect of the pregnant woman being hungry for a long time will affect the health of the baby. If the duration of the eclipse is long, then you should not be hungry, keep drinking juice or water, etc., but avoid taking heavy food during the eclipse.

6. Do not use any sharp object like scissors, pin, needle, knife or knife during the eclipse. It is believed that after the birth of the child, birthmarks can come in the body of the child.

7. Take a bath after the eclipse ends.

The first lunar eclipse of the year will not be visible in India

By the way, the first lunar eclipse of the year will not be seen in India, so its Sutak period will not be valid here.


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