Magh Maas 2023: Do these 5 things in the month of Magh, you will get rid of money crunch | Magh Snan- Watch Video

Publish Date: 07 Jan, 2023 |

Magh month has special importance in Hinduism. Bathing, donating and meditating in the month of Magh is auspicious and . This is the reason why Magh Mela starts in Prayagraj. It is believed that the fruits of the work done in Magh month are available for many births. That's why one must donate to the needy in this month.

Worship Lord Vishnu and Surya

There is a ritual to worship Lord Vishnu along with Lord Surya in the month of Magha. Along with this, doing some work for 30 days gives auspicious results.

The Gita should be recited everyday in the month of Magh. By doing this one gets the blessings of Lord Vishnu. Along with this, the negative energy inside us goes out and the power of thinking and understanding develops. 

Offer water to the Tulsi plant daily in the month of Magh. Along with this, light a lamp of ghee near the plant in front of the evening. By doing this, the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu are received and happiness and prosperity comes in the house.

Ganga bath has special importance in the month of Magh. If you are not able to go for Ganges bath, then take a bath at home by adding a little Ganges water to the bath water. By doing this you will get auspicious results.


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