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Publish Date: 18 Apr, 2022 |

What is retrofitting?

Retrofitting in literal sense means “to furnish something such as a computer, airplane, or building with new or modified parts or equipment not available or considered necessary at the time of manufacture.” In the perspective of cars, retrofitting is done to convert a petrol or diesel car into an electrical vehicle.

The process involves changing the original engine and other related components and a new alternative energy source to be transplanted into the existing vehicle body. It can either be an additional system added to the existing vehicle motor or to completely replace the existing engine with a new motor and drivetrain.

Is retrofitting beneficial?

Benefits of EV retrofitting include zero pollution, cost effectiveness, zero sound pollution, heat is not generated, no vibrations, and reduction of noise pollution. General EV retrofitting benefits include potential cost savings, non-affectedness by driving bans in major cities, resource conservation of the own and well-known vehicle, low emission operation, possible status associations with EVs.

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TADPOLE Projects

Tadpole Projects is a startup that pioneers the conversion of Vintage cars to electric cars in India. They are possibly the best known startup for EV retrofitting in India. Launched by an automotive enthusiast named Mohammad Jawaad Khan, the startup has already retrofitted vintage cars such as VW Beetle (1948) and Austin 10 (1946), Swift DZire, Honda City, Verna, etc.

Tadpole Projects has been working to offer the services of EV retrofitters since August 2020. They have a target to make their company a leader in retrofitting vintage vehicles by 2030. The company offers a solution that is sustainable and economical at the same time.

Their Company Offers Affordable, reliable E- mobility Solutions for driving the wave of new technology:

  • Removal of engine, conversion of Vehicle into Electric, still retaining the feel of the car. New range of affordable e-bikes

  • Adds 7 years to the life of the vehicle, 2 years warranty on motor and 5years or 3 years warranty on battery, extendable up to 5-7 years.

  • Affordable Clean Mobility Solution, easy on pocket and on the environment as well. Inexpensive as compared to diesel, petrol and CNG.

  • Less costs, no engine wear and problems, reduced maintenance, down to just wear and tear parts like tires, brakes, shockers, for the entire life of the vehicle.

  • Emission free, technologically efficient, electrically updated vehicles. A wider range of choices, given that any car can be converted into electric. Customizable range, not off the shelf, tailored to use.


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