Makeup Tip: Easy Eyebrow Hack to get Fuller and Sharp Look

Publish Date: 18 Jan, 2022 |

The one facial feature that helps define the whole face is the beautiful pair of eyebrows that you’ve got. If the eyebrows are not done nicely, no matter how great the foundation has been blended, or how sharp that winged eye is of yours. To make a nice pair for eyebrows you do not need a lot. Just some easily available products and some practice is all you need. So let’s check these easy but amazing Eyebrow hacks:

Castor Oil for Regrowth

If you have scanty eyebrows and you want to grow a thicker pair , you should rely on Castor oil more than anything else in this world. Just some organic castor oil and a spoolie brush is all that you need. Dip the brush in the oil and comb it in tht eyebrow so that the oil is absorbed by the eyebrow. Repeat it every night before you sleep. Within a month, you’ll get results.

Soap Hack for Eyebrows

If you have long eyebrow hair and it is not easy to keep them fixed in one place for longer, and you also do not want to invest in an eyebrow gel either, then this hack is just for you. Take a spoolie brush and take some soap product into it. Now come the eyebrow gently and set the hair where you want them to be placed.

Toothpick Hack for Eyebrows

If you do not have a good eye brush, or even if you have, but you can not draw a perfect line for those eyebrows, you should give this hack a try. Take some product on the side of the toothpick. Now gently place it on the top of the eyebrow, and from a line. Now use the same technique to make a line on the lower end and complete the look. Remove any extra product with the help of cotton or a Q-tip.


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