Maruti Suzuki Wagon R Flex Fuel Launch? Funda Kya Hai

Tarun KohliPublish Date: 08 Feb, 2023

In the auto expo 2023, Maruti just debuted the new WagonR Flex fuel. It is the first mass-market flex-fuel vehicle in India. Any ethanol-petrol mixture between 20 percent (E20) and 85 percent (E85) of the fuel can be used to power it. The WagonR's powertrain has undergone a number of modifications to enable the engine to run on ethanol. Let’s take a look at their specifications.

Maruti Suzuki WagonR Flex Fuel Specifications

Flexible fuel An efficient 1.2L naturally aspirated engine powers the Maruti WagonR. It has a manual 5-speed transmission. Maruti Suzuki claims that the Wagon R's emissions are 79% lower than those of a standard petrol engine without sacrificing performance. The amount of ethanol is being monitored by sensors that have been installed. Updates have been made to the engine management system. The fuel pump and injectors have been strengthened, and several mechanical parts have also undergone modifications to increase the engine's stability. The WagonR flex-fuel version will cost a little more than the standard petrol model.

Maruti Suzuki WagonR Flex Fuel Price

The estimated price of Maruti Suzuki WagonR Flex fuel is between 8.00-12.00 Lakh rupees.

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