Mayawati's revenge approach for Azam Khan, Muslim Dalit factor will cross the road of BSP in UP

Publish Date: 13 May, 2022 |

In Uttar Pradesh, Mayawati has been continuously seen active since Yogi Adityanath became the CM for the second time. Her desire to return to power has put her on extra alert. This is the reason that she is now busy in setting the right equation of power.

The BSP supremo wants to get the support of the Muslim vote bank for the Muslim-Dalit unity . Like Dalit, Muslim vote bank also has an impact. Mayawati believes that the vote bank of both the castes, that is, the Muslim-Dalit (MD) factor, no one can stop them from coming to power. 

In the year 2007, Dalit-Muslim votes have been considered an important role in his formation of the government in the state. Thinking this, he fielded 89 Muslim candidates in this assembly election, but his strategy failed.

No Muslim candidate in the party

There is no big Muslim face in BSP at present. Naseemuddin Siddiqui was once a big Muslim face of BSP. He left BSP and went to Congress. Mayawati made Munkad Ali the state president of BSP, but he could not leave much impression. They were removed. To get Azam Khan's support, from Praspa chief Shivpal to Congress. In such a situation, Mayawati's tweet in her favour is indicating that BSP wants to send a message to Muslims through her somewhere. In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Mayawati held a rally in favour of Azam.

It is noteworthy that on Thursday, Mayawati, while targeting the BJP, had tweeted, 'The UP government is continuously taking malicious and terror action against its opponents. Senior leader Azam Khan is in jail for nearly two and a half years. If this is not strangulation of justice in the eyes of the people, then what is.

Mayawati’s support for Azam Khan

Mayawati said that in this sequence, the Uttar Pradesh government is continuously taking malicious and terroristic action against its opponents. She said that senior Uttar Pradesh MLA Mohammad Azam Khan has been kept in jail by the BJP government for about two and a half years. This action against Azam Khan is in a lot of discussions. Mayawati said that if this is not strangulation of justice in the eyes of the people then what is.

Mayawati has made three tweets after a long time. In this, he has raised a big question on the process of keeping Azam Khan in jail for more than two years.


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