Meet Sayanti Mahapatra, a Plus-size Influencer Challenging Fashion Stereotypes

Publish Date: 16 Aug, 2022 |
There is an abundance of plus-size and curvaceous women's fashion advice on the internet. Don't wear light colours, you'll learn from a quick Google search. White should be avoided at all costs. You shouldn't be mates with bodycon dresses. Influencers, guides, newspapers, and more throw out all of this while implying that these women are masking "flaws." Sayanti Mahapatra, a plus-size influencer who busts fashion myths one at a time while sporting bodycons, crop tops, tiny skirts, and more, is a breath of fresh air.

Who is Sayanti Mahapatra

Sayanti Mahapatra is a well-known blogger, Instagram model, video creator, TikTok celebrity, and influencer in fashion, lifestyle, and fitness. She is well known for her stunning appearance, endearing smile, stylish taste, and alluring demeanour. She has acted in commercials for many renowned companies. Sayanti Mahapatra is a well-known celebrity who rose to fame by uploading videos and inspirational photos on her Instagram account and is a youth inspiration for curvy girls.

How Sayanti Mahapatra fashion is bringing change

Her over 200k Instagram followers are referred to as her "besties." She stated, "I share my life with them and can relate to them." I love this group of people, and they adore me. She chose this area after receiving a message from someone expressing that "plus-size clothes is too expensive." The Noida-based blogger started with inexpensive clothing purchases from her go-to store, Sarojini Nagar Market and today her influence is not hidden from anyone.

Sayani Mahapatra and the struggle she overcame

Being a plus-size content creator is a tougher challenge because your personality is typically determined by your size. Only that is noticed or is of interest to people. Skincare and beauty companies won't contact you because you don't fit their ideal of what is desirable. even if their products have nothing to do with size," Mahapatra said.

The insults, jibes, and remarks that every plus-size woman encounters as a child cluttered her route to becoming this confident version of herself. I used to think that in order to have a career, a romantic interest, or friends, I had to be a certain size. To lose weight, I used to starve myself and work out for two hours every day. Mahapatra stated
Now, she urges women to take control of their bodies and wear anything they want without holding out for a "better" moment.


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