किसके सिर पर पूर्वोत्तर का ताज होगा | Meghalaya, Tripura & Nagaland Assembly election update

Publish Date: 02 Mar, 2023 |

By this afternoon (Thursday), it would be obvious which head will be crowned victors in the Meghalaya Assembly elections. The entire nation is watching to see which party will take power in the state. The estimate of a hung assembly, however, has been expressed here in the exit poll. After the state elections, it is thought that the NPP and BJP might work together once more. Despite being a coalition government in place for the past five years, both parties split apart after the assembly elections.

Exit polls says that BJP may form the government

Exit poll results indicate that the NDA can form a government in Tripura and Nagaland. The statistics for Meghalaya are unclear. This assembly may become hung at some point. The Left parties have joined forces with their longtime adversary Congress to fight the BJP in Tripura, which is viewed as the ideological battleground of the state.

The Indigenous People's Front of Tripura (IPFT) and the BJP previously overthrew the Left parties in Tripura with the help of tribal votes. However, Pradyot Debbarma of the Tripura royal family has attempted to obstruct the BJP this time by establishing a new party called Tipra Motha. BJP won 36 seats in 2018 while IPFT took home eight.


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