Men shall follow these Personal Hygiene Tips to keep serious fungal infections at a bay during humid weather

Publish Date: 19 Jun, 2021 |

Men's Personal Hygiene Tips:

Society has always seen men as the rough and tough ones, who have always been at a bay from grooming and other activities which are stereotyped to be girlish. But, neglecting the fact that men also need to focus on their personal hygiene, grooming, and other personal health issues won’t do any justice.

Hence, this Men’s Health Week, we bring to you some Personal Hygiene tips that will help men in keeping up with the humid and sweaty summers with much ease.

1. Dandruff: 

There are many men out there who have many scalp-related problems, the most common of them being Dandruff. Well, the best tip for that is that men shall not apply much oil to their hair in case of mild dandruff. However, in the case of dry scalp, oil can be applied but shall be washed off after 30 mins of application. Using plain coconut oil to apply is advised.

Using anti-dandruff shampoo twice a week to cleanse and wash your hair is advised.

2. Folliculitis (Baltod): 

Folliculitis is a skin condition in which hair follicles become inflamed and is usually caused by a bacterial or fungal infection. Such condition is usually found on people with hairy body or the ones who get more sweat. To prevent this, it is advised to take a bath twice a day, and clean and dry the body properly before putting on clothes.

3. Fungal Infection:

Many people are prone to fungal infections which occur mostly in the groin area, the butts, or the underarms area of the body. While to prevent such conditions, men must avoid using any cream without the doctor’s prescription. Also maintaining proper hygiene is always advised and drying the body shall also be included. Using dry undergarments will prevent such fungal infections.

4. Do not share your personal products such as clothes, towels, and even combs with others. As this may increase the chances of spreading such communicable diseases and infections. 

It must be noted that taking care of one’s body and personal hygiene is essential to everyone and ignoring it will always lead to a serious problem. Following these tips religiously will keep fungal infections and many communicable diseases away.


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