Meo Muslims are supposed to be sprung from Lord Ram Krishna, according to a Congress Member from Rajasthan

Publish Date: 02 Mar, 2023 |

The statements made by two Ashok Gehlot government MLAs in the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly on Wednesday caused a commotion in the news industry. In actuality, the legislature was debating the education department's requests for grants. Safia Zuber, a Congress lawmaker, claimed during this conversation that she and the Meo community were decedents of Lord Ram Krishna.

Safia Zubair comments on the religion

Safia claimed to have learned part of our past's history from the Jaagas (genealogists). She realised that Mevs are related to Ram and Krishna. Even if we alter our religion, a man's blood remains the same. Ram and Krishna's blood is also in us. Many members of the House slammed their desks in response to Safia's assertion.

Safia, a Congress Legislator from Ramgarh in the Alwar district, made a point during the discussion on requests for grants when she stated that Meos reside in the cities of Alwar, Bharatpur, Nuh, and little Mathura, where Lord Shri Krishna was born. Everyone should remember that everything that might be considered a dry fruit should be. There is no need to keep referring to them as being behind. We currently have three MLAs, but we'll increase that number.


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