Microsoft launches Mircosoft Loop, a new office tool for Microsoft 365 users, know how it works

Publish Date: 08 Nov, 2021
Microsoft launches Mircosoft Loop, a new office tool for Microsoft 365 users, know how it works

Mircosoft Loop:

Tech giant Microsoft recently introduced a new application based on its Fluid platform named Loop for collaborative and simultaneous editing of many Office documents in real-time, reach, through their official blog.

The Microsoft Loop tool brings Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Teams functionality together for better convenience and productivity. Mircosoft Loop also allows you to edit documents, copy-paste content pieces from one program to the other independently, and share such portable items with other users.

It must be noted that the Mircosoft Loop services will be available to Mircosoft 365 subscribers and will be synced through cloud storage.

The new Microsoft Loop works on three basic elements, that are:

  • Plug Ring: 

The content items that are also available in different programs parallelly and can be edited by multiple users at the same time in a similar way as Google Docs. For instance, a list shared through a Teams channel or notes in a calendar entry can be inserted into an Outlook email and written by multiple collaborators.
  • Repeat Pages: 

The element works like a whiteboard or a drawing board that enables you to share loop components or event content created in other applications by the project members, all of which can be edited in real-time in one space.
  • Episode Workspaces: 

This element works as a project panel including a list of all loop components, that allows you to see which users are editing any of the items in real-time, at any time.

It must be noted that some of the Microfost Loop functionality within Office, Teams, and OneNote is expected to be out during November, while the base Microsoft Loop application will be released later in the next few months.

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