MIG-21 Crash: MIG-21 fighter aircraft crash in Rajasthan. Two people died, pilot evacuated

Aditi ShrivastavaPublish Date: 08 May, 2023

An Indian Air Force MiG-21 fighter jet crashed on May 8 in the early hours. The plane struck a residence in the Bahalol Nagar neighbourhood after it crashed. Two individuals died in the crash, one is still in critical condition, and the plane had taken off from Suratgarh. The aircraft's co-pilot and pilot are secure. The pilot and co-pilot are said to have used a parachute to jump from the aircraft just in time, saving both of their lives.

MiG-21 fighter jet crash in Rajasthan

To determine what caused the accident, a court of inquiry has been established. About 25 kilometres northeast of the Suratgarh base, the pilots were discovered as per the reports. Both of the MiG-21's pilots, according to District Magistrate Rukmani Riar, were uninjured. The wreckage of the aeroplane fell on a house in Bahlol Nagar of the Hanumangarh district, sadly resulting in the deaths of three people.

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