Milk price crossed Rs 65 per litre, a shock of inflation before the new year| Mother Dairy Milk Price

Publish Date: 27 Dec, 2022 |

From the morning of 27 December 2022, taking tea, coffee or milk is going to be expensive for you because the prices of milk have increased. Mother Dairy has increased the price of packaged milk and this includes the price of the company's toned, double toned and full cream milk. This year the company has increased the price of milk a total of 5 times.

New prices of milk

Mother Dairy has increased the price of full cream milk by Rs 2 to Rs 66 per litre, while the price of toned milk has been revised from Rs 51 per liter to Rs 53 per litre. At the same time, the price of double toned milk has been increased from Rs 45 per liter to Rs 47 per litre. However, Mother Dairy has decided not to increase the prices of cow's milk and token (bulk vended) milk. Due to the increase in the prices of milk, the domestic budget of the people of Delhi-NCR will be greatly affected. On the other hand, regarding rising milk prices, Mother Dairy said that this is an unprecedented year for the dairy industry.

Company gives statement

The company said, it has been an unpredictable year for the milk industry. We are seeing a spurt in demand from both consumers and institutions even after festivals. On the other hand, the purchase of raw milk has not picked up pace even after Diwali. Mother Dairy gives milk producers about 75-80 per cent of the price paid by consumers. The company has increased the price of milk several times this year. 


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