MNS leader's hooliganism in Mumbai! The elderly woman was slapped and abused

Publish Date: 01 Sep, 2022 |

A video of an elderly woman being assaulted in Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra, is going viral on social media. The person who assaulted the elderly woman is said to be a member of Raj Thackeray's party MNS. Mumbai's Mumba Devi complex is famous for its famous Mumbadevi, but in the same area, an elderly woman was assaulted and abused by MNS officials.

Pushed the women several times

In the video, MNS leader Vinod Argyle was clearly seen slapping Prakash Devi. When the woman opposed this, she did not even consider her age and pushed her. Due to which she fell on the ground. Vinod was not satisfied even after this. He pushed the woman not once but several times.

The woman was also seen asking people to defend herself, but no one supported her. Meanwhile, Vinod Argile kept telling the woman that the pillar will be here, which one has to bring it. Nothing's gonna happen. Prakash Devi has alleged that MNS leader Vinod Argyle assaulted him and the people present with him also abused him with lewd abuses. He said that his only mistake was that he had opposed the pillar being put up in front of his shop.

Why was the MNS leader fighting

The MumbaDevi area of Mumbai is famous for the temple. MNS workers were erecting bamboo poles in this area, but Prakash Devi asked them not to put up poles in front of the medical shop. The elderly woman said – I was not only assaulted but also abused by MNS workers.

According to the police, on August 31, three days after the assault, the woman lodged a complaint. Medical checkup of the woman has been done. Action will be taken soon. Responding to this matter, MNS leader Keshav Mulay said – The viral video is not complete. We are not supporting this, MNS respects women but that woman kicked our party banner and misbehaved with our party workers, which has been edited from the video.


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