Mobile phones cause cancer? Myth or fact!

Publish Date: 04 Aug, 2022 |

Do cell phones contribute to cancer? Does using a mobile phone while sleeping have a detrimental impact on our hearts? You may have occasionally had these thoughts cross your mind, but have you ever wondered what would happen if they turned out to be true? Or, is someone merely playing with your mind? According to a report, Indians use their mobile phones on average for more than five hours each day. So can we get cancer with this rate? Find out the answer.

Mobile phones cause cancer? 

No, Experts and scientists think that neither mobile phones nor the radio or television waves they create, known as RF or Radio Frequency waves, can give us cancer. Because these waves are not powerful enough to change, harm, or trigger cancer in our body's DNA. No significant public health agency has been able to establish a link between cell phone use and cancer or other grave illnesses. But there are still doubts about the connection between frequent mobile phone use and a possible heightened risk of getting a brain tumour since the excessive use of the same badly affects our sleeping pattern and eyesights.


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