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Publish Date: 20 May, 2022 |

Modern Love Mumbai brings you soulful stories of love from the city of dreams. Exploring six different but common stories of emotional intimacy and love, including romantic, platonic, familial, sexual, familial, marriage, and self-love. The huge success New York Times column, which has been adapted into a television series centered in New York, now has a Mumbai adaptation to it. Today we have on the panel 5 amazing musicians from the show so let’s find out about their hidden love story.

What is the one most irritating & one good thing about Mumbai?

Nikitha: “I always wanted to buy a Thar. It has been my dream for a long time since it’s an offroading car, but now I think I need to buy it to drive on Mumbai’s road, that’s the most irritating thing I have faced. she said jokingly.

Have you ever bargained for renting a property?

Neel Adikari: Bandra has a different perspective for renting properties. Generally it being the posh area rents are quite high there, so thereby in Bandra you can’t have a bathroom which is bigger than the size of a table.

Kashishi: I came to Mumbai to pursue my college and those 2 years were the best in my life. We would go to Marine drive at night and sit there till 6 in the morning since we didn’t have space inside our house (She said sarcastically) “But now I have passed college and rent is the next problem”

Kamakshi Khanna: “My biggest problem was the change in road and space since I belong to Delhi so it felt different but apart from that people here are really kind, good and yes I liked the atmosphere”

Meiyang Chang: “I have been coming here since my childhood as the Indian Chinese community is mostly found in either Kolkata or Mumbai. And that’s why I got used to that space thing in Mumbai. Even I have the same problem like road,rent etc but, the biggest thing I love about Mumbai is that it is so accepting, does not matter who are you,where are you from etc.

Meiyang Chang on taking up both actor & singer role in Modern love Mumbai

After thanking Vishal Bhardwaj for the opportunity he said he always wanted to be a singing, swinging dentist. 

Have you ever waited for someone’s msg or email for the whole night?

Everyone has faced those situations in their life referring to the lyrics of the song which has the similar lyrics Chang said sometimes you wait for the text or msg but you cannot go first as you want the next person to do it first.

The first love story of the singers of Modern Love Mumbai

Neel: My first girlfriend happened in class 8 we were cycling once we kisses in a jungle that’s it

Chang: I was in boys school when I went into a co-ed school. I usually used to walk with my head down because of shyness but then after one year I went to a girl whom I used to like and asked can we be friends and she said Aren't we already? Friendship is a true form of love she taught me this

Kamakshi: My first love was very special. I dated him for 4 years while we were in school. We are still friends.

Kashishi: My first crush was someone I used to play football with and wrote a lot of letter but, it never happened, I just let it go.


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