‘Saural Simar Ka’ actress Dipika Kakar often updates fans about her life and pregnancy period on social media. The actress is married to her co-star Shoaib Ibrahim and both are now expecting their first child. Even though Dipika hasn’t been on television in a while, she keeps giving updates on all aspects of her personal and professional life. Fans frequently ask about Dipika’s whereabouts and send her a tonne of support. Recently, the actress has revealed that she has been diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

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Dipika Kakar Latest Blog 

In her recent blog post, Dipika said, “There’s a type of diabetes jo pregnancy mein week 24th to 28th mein develop kar sakte hai. Jisko diabetes nahi bhi ho toh uska bhi ho sakta hai, and mere saath wahi huya hai. My test reports came and I do have gestational diabetes.”

Dipika revealed to her fans that she has been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Dipika explained the condition after revealing that she recently underwent a gestational test. The actress continued her blog by including the dos and don’ts, who are affected by this medical issue, and other information.

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Dipika Kakar Advice on Gestational Diabetes

The actress further explained who can have gestational diabetes and how can women suffering from it can control it.  She said that it is not what a person ate in the previous month that causes gestational diabetes; rather, the body releases various hormones as the baby and placenta develop, which leads to insulin resistance. The majority of pregnant women get this disorder, which is identified by a test. To all the women who are suffering from gestational diabetes during pregnancy, she also advised to follow a strict no-sugar diet, in addition to regular exercise and daily walks to control the health condition.