Monkeypox Update: Third case of monkeypox found, person returned from UAE positive, alarming situation in India

Publish Date: 23 Jul, 2022 |
UAE man found Monkeypox positive in Kerala: Kerala has also been the site of the third case of monkeypox to be discovered in India. Minister of Health for Kerala, Vina George, provided details. On July 16, he claimed, an infected person travelled from the United Arab Emirates to Malappuram. He complained of a temperature and was thereafter hospitalized. wherein he first began to exhibit indications of a monkeypox infection. The patient's family and everyone who interacted with him are currently under observation as well. With this case, the state has now officially confirmed a total of three cases.

First case of Monkeypox

The first incidence of monkeypox in India was reported on July 14. A 35-year-old man who had recently returned from the United Arab Emirates was found to have monkeypox (UAE). Then, a top-tier central team was sent to Kerala. The task assigned to this team was to aid state officials in implementing the health measures.

14 districts in Kerala had got a notice from the government at once. Additionally, help desks were constructed at each of the four airports in the state. However, it was discovered on July 18 that a second case of monkeypox infection had been documented in a 31-year-old male from Dubai who had arrived in Kannur on July 13.

Monkeypox illness can only be transferred from animal to human by bites, scratches, or consuming wild animal meat, claims the Ministry of Health. Among them are rodents, squirrels, and monkeys.


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