Horoscope December 2022: Check Astrological Predictions of Your Horoscope of this Month

Publish Date: 30 Nov, 2022
Horoscope December 2022: Check Astrological Predictions of Your Horoscope of this Month

12 Horoscope Predictions for December 2022: All astrological predictions of Taurus, Libra, Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer and more

Aries- There will be an atmosphere of tension in the family regarding small matters. There will be a distance from family life. You will see an economic benefit from hard work in the business sector. Try not to invest capital in economic schemes. It is a time of struggle for the students. There will be disruptions in the educational sector. You will be able to devote time to religious and social works. Lucky number is 8.

Taurus- Employed men will get the support of senior officers. An important task can be achieved. People doing their business will get the support of family members. You will get a chance to make your future bright. You will fulfil family responsibilities very well. Lucky number is 7.

Gemini- Time is auspicious for those doing private business or government job. You can give a new shape to your business. Controversial situations will have to be faced with their business partners. Do not get misled by any irresponsible person in the business sector. There will be struggle to maintain prestige and you will also face unnecessary tension in family life. Lucky number is 2.

Cancer- Due to physical pain, there will be a situation of laziness in every work. You will be worried about the health and education of your wife and children. There will be cooperation of friends and relatives in the business sector. You will be more worried about the ancestral property. Running around in legal matters fruitlessly is possible. Ongoing efforts in the educational sector will be successful. Number 6 is auspicious.

Leo- You will get success in a job interview, admission to school etc. You can start a new scheme. There will be profit from buying and selling of land-property, shares, bonds, minerals etc. The situation will be normal in the social-political field. The situation in the family will be normal except for minor disputes. Lucky number is 5.

Virgo- You will be more worried about education and examination. In the economic business sector, the situation will improve as compared to earlier. Unemployed persons will get employment opportunities. A new proposal can also be received for a new job. In married life, the situation will be normal except for sporadic disputes. Number 8 is auspicious.

Libra- Time will be fluctuating in the sector of buiness. There will be complications in every type of business. Loss in business, cheating by employees and government interference will cause suffering. There will be some unhappiness with the brother, mother and father. There can be a point of useless debate in the family. There will be a decrease in social prestige. Lucky number is 2.

Scorpio- Ongoing efforts in the field of business job will be successful. With the cooperation of senior officers, there will be expansion of work area, promotion in job or increase in income. At the beginning of any new work, you will have to face sudden obstacles. Controversial situations will have to be faced in love affairs and with relatives. Lucky number is 7.

Sagittarius – Cooperation of old friends in the business sector will prove beneficial. Due to the good news in the family, mental peace will improve in the situation than before. It is not right to get involved in others' work, otherwise, you may get disputed. Will get rid of old problems. Honour and self-respect will be protected. Lucky number is 3.

Capricorn- There will be mental tension regarding land-property and ancestral property. You will not be able to make any kind of savings. Desired profit in the business sector, if you want to do any work stubbornly then there will be sudden obstacles. It is in your best interest to maintain rapport with senior officers. Lucky number is 9.

Aquarius- You will keep getting many important position or benefits in the job. There will be indirect opposition from colleagues. The condition of people connected with administrative services will improve. Wife and children will help with household chores. If you are associated with the socio-political field, then you will have to face complicated situations. Lucky number is 4.

Pisces- Profit in business, the start of any new scheme, will get political and government cooperation. Any kind of capital investment will prove beneficial for you. You will perform family responsibilities very well. You will be busier in the educational field. Will get the happiness of governance. Will get the benefit of personal relationships. Lucky number is 2.

~Pt. Vijay Tripathi 

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