Morbi Bridge Collapse: The King of Gujarat's Morbi had built the bridge, the story from being built till its fall- Watch Video

Publish Date: 31 Oct, 2022 |

The hanging bridge over the Machhu river in Gujarat's Morbi district collapsed and became a 'kaal' of death for many. The cable bridge, which is called the pride of Morbi, was 143 years old, which was the victim of an accident on Sunday, 30 October 2022. According to the information, Morbi Bridge was built during the British rule before independence. This bridge built on the Machhu river was the main tourist spot of Morbi.

When was the cable bridge of Morbi built?

The Cable Bridge (swinging bridge) was built by Raja Waghji Rao of Morbi. Which was inaugurated in 1879. The latest technology was used in the construction of this bridge built by British engineers. This bridge built under the British rule has been a symbol of good engineering. This bridge, built on the Machu river, 64 km from Rajkot district, was the center of attraction for the people. This bridge, 765 feet long and 4 feet wide, was also included in the list of Gujarat tourism due to being historical.

Morbi Bridge was a living example of engineering This bridge built by British engineers was considered a living example of advanced engineering. Let us inform that Morbi district of Gujarat state is situated on the banks of Machhu river. The Morbi Cable Bridge was built on the same river.The bridge was built during the princely state of Raja Prajavatslya Waghji Thakor of Morbi. It is said that the king used to go from the palace to the royal court through the Morbi Bridge.


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