Most Effective 5 Minute Workout For Toned Arms I At Home Workout I Rashmi Rai

Publish Date: 15 Jan, 2023 |

In this video, influencer Rashmi Rai shows some best & effective arms workout for women. These arm exercises are very simple and can be performed at home easily. To get toned and defined arms, Watch the full video now!

5 Minute Workout For Toned Arms 

Arm flaps- Regularly performing these workouts will efficiently reduce excess flab and give you arms that are toned and defined.

Chest presses- The main chest muscle, the pectorals, are the basis of the chest press exercise.

Sliding forearm presses- This exercise enhances cardiovascular fitness, forearm muscle development improves grip strength etc.

Bent triceps extension- Your elbow and shoulder joints are more stable when your triceps muscles are strong. 

Overhead extension- The primary advantage of the overhead triceps extension is the triceps' accompanying growth.


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