Mother's Day is observed on the second Sunday in May in a large number of nations. Every mother and child cherish this day deeply. This year, Mother's Day is observed on May 14. Additionally, Google has created a unique doodle just for this occasion. On Mother's Day every year, Google creates a unique doodle. The Google Doodle for Mother's Day, which is observed on Sunday, has once again been made incredibly distinctive and unique. Google's doodle, "Animal Family," beautifully captures the special bond between mother and child.

10 slides in one doodle

The lovely bond between a mother and kid has been described in ten slides for Mother's Day by Google's Doodle. On each slide, a unique image of the animal family has been displayed. Somewhere, a hen with her eggs is animated. Similar to the first image, the second shows the entire hen family. The underwater octopus and its young are depicted in Google's third doodle slide. The following doodle depicts a mother lioness holding her young on her lap.

Meaning of the new Google Doodle

Through this doodle, Google has aimed to convey the lovely bond between mother and kid. The mother plays an essential part in the life of the kid, from conception to upbringing. This unique bond between mother and kid is not exclusive to humans; every living thing views its offspring as the most prized possession in the entire world and more priceless than life itself.