Mount Merapi volcano erupted in Indonesia, many villages covered with ash- Watch Video

Publish Date: 12 Mar, 2023 |

Indonesia's Mount Merapi volcano erupted on Saturday. Ashes have rained over the surrounding villages. The plume of smoke and ash that came out after the explosion went up to a height of seven kilometers. At present, there is no news of any casualty. But people and tourists from nearby villages have been shifted to safer places.

Height of Volcano

The height of this volcano of Java Island near Yogyakarta, the cultural capital of Indonesia, is 9737 feet. After the explosion, its ash went up to 9600 feet above the peak. The local administration has evacuated the surrounding seven kilometer area. Abdul Muhari, a spokesman for the country's Disaster Mitigation Agency, said that at the moment it is difficult to estimate the damage caused by the volcano. People have been asked to move away from that area.

Possibility of Flash Floods in the affected area

Along with this, there is also a possibility of flash flood of volcanic hot soil. This condition occurs due to rain. It often rains after a volcanic eruption. There are about eight villages very close to this volcano. Where it has rained ashes. This volcano roared continuously in the month of January two years ago. Then it kept throwing lava for 28 days.


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