Mukta Singh: Modelling at 60 & Living Her Best Life

Publish Date: 05 Sep, 2022 |
Wrinkles are to be avoided, and it is suggested that grey hair be coloured black, when one is in their latter years. Mukta Singh, 60, is blatantly breaking these laws in a glamorous manner. Singh, a 58-year-old fashion model who embraced her grey hair, said: "When you're so afraid of getting old, you put too much pressure on youth."

Who is Mukta Singh?

Mukta, a native of Bharatpur, Rajasthan, married a fighter pilot as soon as she earned her master's degree in English. This implied that she would not have a solid employment and would instead be relocating frequently.One particular instance included her husband being assigned to Delhi. She then started working as a freelancer for specific publications and magazines. She had a passion for both music and art, and she soon began to paint on canvas to pass the time.

Mukta had always been stylish, this was once for a family event, she wore a saree that she had purchased from a certain brand. She used the saree to take some photos that she shared online, tagging the company in the process. Later, she was contacted by the brand and asked to be a model for them.
Many people advised her that she shouldn't be modelling at this age, but she persisted. Her family is happy with the new inning she has started. Mukta is inspired to continue working because she is proud to be employed at a time when other people are nearing retirement.


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