Mumbai Drug Bust Case: Nawab Malik raises allegations against Sameer Wankhede, officer to be investigated by three member committee

Publish Date: 27 Oct, 2021 |

The rift between Maharashtra Minister Nawab Malik and NCB Zonal Director Sameer Wankhede, over the Mumbai Drug Bust Case is widening. The minister has levelled some serious allegations against the officer. He said that Wankhede is a muslim and used fraudulent ways to get forged caste certificate so that he could get the government job in Indian Revenue Services under the category of Scheduled Caste. 

Nawab Malik allegations on Sameer Wankhede

Nawab Malik shared a certificate, which according to him is the birth certificate of Sameer Wankhede. In the certificate, officer’s father name is mentioned as Dawood K Wankhede, while it is Dnyandev Wankhede as per the NCB website. He also shared a picture of Wankhede's 'Nikah' ceremony on twitter on Wednesday.

Nawab Malik Press Conference

Nawab Malik organised a press conference and accused Sameer Wankhede of fabricating the caste certificate. He also said that such cases were received earlier also. Hence, a scrutiny committee was formed in the state whose primary function was to validate the caste certificate of the candidate getting government job under the reserved category. But the central government doesn’t have such scrutiny committee and after gathering information from the collector, the certificate is issued and the person is appointed at the job. 

Malik said that if someone finds an officer or government job holder who has created fake caste certificate, the person can complain to scrutiny committee and if the accused is found guilty, his job and benefits received due to certificate will be withdrawn and there is a provision of imprisonment for 2-7 years in such case.

Nawab Malik informed that Sameer Wankhede’s case will be taken to Scrutiny committee soon and the truth will be out soon. If he is found guilty, he’ll have to face the law trial.

Extortion Charges on Sameer Wankhede

After the Mumbai Drug Bust Case, which led to the arrest of Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan, NCB Zonal Director Sameer Wankhede is continuously facing several allegations. He was also accused of extortion and receiving bribe of Rs. 25 crore by Prabhakar Sail, a key eye witness of Mumbai Cruise Drug Case, following which a probe into the case was ordered.

Sameer Wankhede Investigation 

To investigate the bribery charges, a three-member committee of Anti Drug Agency will be leaving for Mumbai from Delhi today. The committee will include DDG of NCB and two other officers of Inspector level.

 Due to the affidavit filed by Prabhakar Sail, Mumbai Police too can investigate the extortion charges levelled up on Sameer Wankhede.


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