Muslims became upset about a new Kaaba being built in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Publish Date: 22 Feb, 2023 |

In the midst of ongoing construction projects, Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has chosen to develop New Murabba, a high-tech metropolis, in the heart of the country's capital Riyadh. Arab News claims that New Murabba will have a variety of recreational and cultural establishments, including a museum, a university for technology and design, a multipurpose theatre, and cultural venues. The Saudi government also intends to combine residential properties, amusement hubs, hotels, and dining establishments in New Murabba.

Video creates ruckus

The video released on the internet has caused a lot of disturbance among people. Many believe that it is an attempt to divert attention from Kabba in Mecca. Some people allege that the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia is building a separate Kaaba for himself, which is for entertainment. People are questioning the structure of this building. Especially Muslims are very angry seeing this and are criticizing the government.


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