My First Horse Riding Experience I Aarushi Verma

Aditi ShrivastavaPublish Date: 08 Oct, 2022

A horse is challenging to ride! You should reconsider your decision if you think the horse puts in all the effort. Inhaling the fresh country air and feeling a sense of unity with your horse, you can ride through locations that are unreachable by car or bicycle.Influencer Aarushi Varma shares a few terms for beginners in this video while demonstrating her first-time horseback riding experience. Watch the entire video right away to learn more about it!

My First Horse Riding Experience

Sultan (Horse name) today is going to accompany Arushi who is being guided by a few experienced horse riders and caretakers. Let’s take a look at this interesting ride as well as learn some fun terms which would make you sound like a pro, the next time you choose to ride a horse.

Horse riding Terms

Bridle: Horses are tamed with a piece of gear called a bridle. The horse's pace and direction can be controlled by the rider thanks to the bridle.

Saddle: The saddle is fastened to the animal's back by a girth, which supports the rider. Each side of the saddle should be securely secured to the girth, which should be looped around the horse's rib cage just behind its shoulders.

Mounting: As you stand on the horse's left side to saddle it, place your left foot in the stirrup. Gather the ropes with your left hand, then plant your foot on the pedal. With your right hand, quickly pull yourself onto the back of your horse by grabbing the offside of the saddle.

Horse trotting: ‘The trot is a quick, two-beat pace that covers a lot of ground at a speed of roughly 8 miles per hour.’

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