National Anthem Recital Becomes Compulsory in Uttar Pradesh Madarsas- Watch Video

Publish Date: 13 May, 2022 |

Yogi government has made it compulsory for all students and teachers in Madrasas of Uttar Pradesh to recite the national anthem before beginning the classes. 

The official order will come in force from today, May 12. The minority state minister of UP Danish Azad Ansari has released this order. The decision comes in after the meeting of the UP Madrasa education board on March 24.

Official Order to Recite National Anthem in UP Madarsas

The order was passed on May 9. According to the order, the schools will recite the national anthem "Jana Gana Mana" also the previously sung religious prayers. Due to the observance of Ramzan, the Madrasas were closed in the state from March 30 to May 11. The school reopened on Thursday, May 12 and the order will also come in force from today itself. The order will be implemented in all recognized, aided and non-aided madrasas in UP.

After almost five years after the UP Madrasa Board had made the decision of the recital of the National anthem and flag hoisting mandatory on independence day.

"The national anthem is sung in all schools and we want to instill patriotism in madrasa students too. This has been done so that the students know our history and culture apart from religious studies. It is already recited in some madrasas. We have made it compulsory now from the coming academic session," UP Madrasa Board chairman had said.


UP Madrasa Board Exams from May 14 

From May 14 to May 27, UP Madrasa Board exams have been scheduled to be held. From 2022, subjects like Hindi, English, maths, social sciences and science would be made mandatory from the next academic session for students up to senior secondary level. 

"Six examination papers will be made mandatory with the addition of these subjects. These subjects were optional until now and taught from NCERT books. We want our students to be part of the mainstream," the chairman had earlier said.


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