National Maritime Day 2023 Date: India marks National Maritime Day for the 60th time this year. The purpose of the day, which is commemorated on April 5, is to raise awareness of the economy and global trade.

The "NMD Award of Excellence" is traditionally given during the ceremonies on this day to recognise and honour individuals for their lifetime notable and extraordinary achievements in the Indian maritime sector at a senior level.


National Maritime Day History 

When SS Loyalty, the first ship of The Scindia Steam Navigation Company Limited, sailed to the UK, it made maritime history in India. At a time when the British dominated the sea lanes, this was an important step in the history of Indian shipping. Let us tell you that this day was initially observed on April 5, 1964, in order to raise awareness of international trade and the global economy. 


National Maritime Day 2023: Theme

The theme for National Maritime Week 2023 is 'Amrit Kaal in Shipping'.


Facts about National Maritime Day

  • National Maritime Day was first celebrated on 5 April 1964.

  • For people who have made significant contributions to the Indian maritime sector, an award ceremony is also held on India's National Maritime Day. The Varuna Award, which consists of a statue of Lord Varuna and a Citation, is the name of this honour.

  • The ‘NMD Award of Excellence’ shall also be given during celebrations which consist of a trophy and a citation.

  • A Trophy and a Citation will be given as part of the "Outstanding Contribution to Maritime Education and Training" award. It is granted to honour and recognise notable people who have made consistent contributions to maritime education and training.

  • After gaining independence, the nation has planned a significant increase in shipping. In maritime history, the UK proposed the International Maritime Organization for maritime defence and to stop ship-related pollution. India joined this organisation as a partner in 1959.