Navjeevan Express Pantry car catches fire, chaos in the train. Ahmedabad to Chennai

Publish Date: 18 Nov, 2022 |

A Navajeevan Express train in Andhra Pradesh caught fire suddenly at the Gudur railway junction. There have been no reports of accident casualties, though. According to reports, a sudden fire started in the train's pantry car early on Friday morning as it headed between Ahmedabad and Chennai.

In no time, the fire was brought under control. The cause of the fire in the pantry car has been revealed by sources. Information indicates that one of the heaters used for cooking was left on. Consequently, a fire started in the pantry vehicle. A watchman noticed smoke coming from the pantry car about 2.45 am. When the train arrived at Gudur, the alarm was activated.The train was immediately stopped at Gudur Junction.

Cooking heater caused the fire

As per the received information the heater used to cook food in the pantry was not properly shut down due to which the fire started. The same night around 3 o’clock the watchman saw smoke coming out of the pantry and instantly informed the same to the officials present there. An alarm was raised as soon as the train approached Gudur railway junction.


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