NHRC Foundation Day 2021: Prime Minister Modi warns those trying to tarnish country's image; lauds law against Triple Talaq

Publish Date: 12 Oct, 2021 |

PM Modi's Address

While addressing the 28th NHRC Foundation Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi adduced Law against Triple Talaq to describe the government’s stance on women and their rights. He said that the country is marching forward with ‘Sabka Saath,Sabka Vikas,Sabka Vishvaas,Sabka Prayas’ mantra of the government and hailed the initiatives taken by his government to ensure women safety and empowerment.

He began his address by giving his best wishes to the NHRC and congratulating the organization on their 28th Foundation Day

Human Rights and Freedom Struggle

He then acclaimed how important Human Rights have been for India and then described how the freedom struggle of India, which is the essential part of the nation’s history, revolved around ensuring the human rights for the citizen. He also recognised the fight the country has led as a nation and as a society to gain rights.

Initiatives for women empowerment

He acclaimed Government’s steps such as law voiding Triple Talaq, 26-week maternity leave and said that viewing human rights through political spectrum harm these rights as well as the democracy. While cautioning those trying to smirch the image and respect of the country by misusing the human rights framework, he said,"Some people try to dent country's image in name of human rights, we need to be alert about it." 

He also made everyone aware of the setting up of 650 fast track courts, one stop centres providing medico-legal assistance in 700 districts among others.

He also said that the Indian Government has provided the Muslim Women new rights by framing law against indiscriminatory Triple Talaq and has strengthened the working women by providing them 26-week maternity leave, which many countries in the world have been unsuccessful in doing.

"For decades, Muslim women were demanding laws against Triple Talaq. We provided new rights to them by forming a law against Triple Talaq. Our govt also freed Muslim women from the compulsion of 'Mahram' during Haj," PM Modi spoke at the event. 

Initiatives for physically diabled people

Apart from women, he also mentioned the steps taken by the government to ensure equal rights for the disabled, and cited the example of Paralympics 2021 to strengthen the fact. He lauded the Paralympians who gave exceptional performance this year and said that his government has provided the disabled people with facilities and respect, so that they can also feel the inner strength that lies within them,

Home Minister Amit Shah's address

Union Minister for home Affairs, Amit Shah, also lauded the government’s initiatives and said that in the past seven years, the government has taken care of 60 crore poor people and has provided toilets to around 10 crore women. Around 4 crore houses have been given access to electricity.



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